Training on land rights helps unite a family

United by blood - seperated by land! A tale of two brothers saved from killing each other due to the long standing land conflict. Moses Okello, a human rights volunteer and other stakeholders, managed to successfully mediate a case of land conflict between Ogwang George 56 years old, complainant ...
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Saved from starvation

I am Brenda (not real names). I live in Kiteso Kasese municipality; I am a total orphan without both parents. At the age of 17 I was taken by a friend to Kampala to work as a house girl. Where I got a job at a home of a man who was not married this man raped me several times until I started living w ...
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Supported to avert child marriage

I am Brenda (not real names) aged 18. My father forced me to marry an old man of 45 years but I told the man that I can never get married to him. One day he found me at home alone and he raped me. Immediately I reported to police, NAYODE helped me and paid medical checkup bills and the results were ...
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Mediation skills help woman to regain land

Land conflict has been rampant in Northern Uganda since the resettlement of people from the IDP camps in 2007. Women have been the most affected. In Paicho Sub-County, Kal ali Parish, Tee olam Village a widow called Lamara aged 59 years has been a victim of this for over 9 years. With 3 children to ...
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Promoting Human rights

Am Joan (not real name) aged 17yrs; I thank NAYODE with funds from IDF for supporting and educating adolescent girls about their rights. I was denied a right to study yet I had finished P7, my parents wanted me to marry so that my dowry could cater for my elder brother’s fees who had joined A leve ...
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Advocate for Girl Child Education

I am Justine (not real name) aged 19 now. I was raped and impregnated at the age of 18 when I was in senior 3. This happened with the man who had tempted to have sex with me several times on my way back home from school but I refused him. He started convincing me but when I noticed his intentions, I ...
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